They're calling it the, "Kinda Great Heist"!

No one knows for certain who stole the golden birdcage, black chihuahua, As Seen on T.V. shake weight, fencing mask and hand full of party balloons. The only information currently available is that the burglary took place in San Francisco at approximately 2:30 pm March 24, 2013.

Inspector Cheatham and his crime watch are unzipped and befuddled on who the safecrackers might be . Cheatham released a statement pledging to find victim's (Molloy and Veith's) not very rare and semi priceless items and stated this in his release, "Whoever is responsible for this inconvenient and exorbitant robbery (totaling in what police speculate could be in the thirties of dollars) will pay... some of that back."

We hope y'all dig the new video for "Float Away" off our new album VKCE (Vokab Kompany & Crush Effect)!

Shot in San Francisco, CA on a beautiful day, we got to zip around the streets, steal items of mediocre value, party on a roof, run through a park, shadow box with a champ and steal a dog (we gave it back). The video was a boat load of fun and we hope y'all enjoy it as much as we do. Big thank you to all the people involved in the video, your faces, houses and help go unmatched. A special thank you to The Dolab for being part of the exclusive release and we hope to see many of you at the Socal festival, Lightning in a Bottle July, 2013.

Bob, Burke, J Move and Dee Veith!

"Float Away" One take video from the original music video:
Song and album VKCE available now on itunes:

Directed by: Spencer Groshong for Ineffable Music

Vokab Kompany:

Crush Effect

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