When our clients Andrew & Bertita asked if we would shoot a love story for them to show at their wedding reception, we thought "ok sure", but when they added .."and we want it to be in a Jane Austin style, based on Pride and Prejudice".. then we really perked up and got excited!

For Rebecka and I, the 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice is nothing short of a visual masterpiece, and in fact happens to be one of our all time favorite films. The locations, lighting, acting, and cinematography in that film is marvelous (all except some floating steadicam work LOL). And it was about that same time when I thought to myself.. "Whoa.. and how are we going to pull this off?", Well I'm happy to say.. we pulled it off! But is it a parody video or is this serious? A little of both honestly.

The couple found the location, Kimberly Crest (kimberlycrest.org) and made all the arrangements for filming, however (without our knowing) the date we had reserved was an "early day" so that gave us exactly one hour of shooting on location.. generally not good.. panic panic.. "Ok out goes the storyboards.. lets shoot!!" Since I had drawn the storyboards myself I had a fairly good recollection of what we needed to capture. After that hour was up (and getting kicked out), we quickly scouted for a couple new locations and finished up the last few scenes. Andrew recorded his voice overs, and we called it a wrap!

The short film is based on their actual love story, and is told through Andrew's perspective (narrative). Sure its a little melancholy, but everyone at the wedding knew it, so you can imagine the uproar when this was shown during the reception.. it was great fun!

Oh and BTW the end credits are meant as a joke..


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