Awarded a Pass by International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD).

The brief was called 'Unsung Heroes & Heroines' set by ISTD. My submission, 'The Driver', brings to life the story of my great grandfather Adam Lamb McAllister. His profession as a personal hire chauffeur in Glasgow led him to serve as a Bulk Fuel Driver in WW2.

Glasgow in the 1930s-40s had one of the highest cinema viewings in U.K and was home to over 130 theatres, gaining the title "The Cinema City". Thus 'The Driver' is a screen-based submission.

It demonstrates what can be created typographically from an honorable ancestry story which most of the time can go unwritten or remain static in a listed archive.Unlike the stereotypical role of someone who is sent off to war, Adam's duty was primarily not to kill. His position was a more humble responsibility and exemplifies how the skills learnt from a domestic profession can be used to great effect during a worldwide crisis.

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