This segment addresses questions about community and collaboration within the online university experience as well as "How is Georgetown University delivering a better personal experience than the online universities?"

About the Panel:
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at the Elance, Inc. Offices in Mountain View.

For 500 years, universities have dominated the intellectual landscape. And yet in a breathtakingly fast turn of events, the structure, authority and even the usefulness of universities in their current structure have come into question. Online learning and MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), offering literally millions of students around the world access to university level courses and materials, are challengers. This panel, which includes leaders from some of the pivotal online learning organizations and Georgetown faculty, will talk about the emerging online models, their potential and challenges, and what the future holds for “universities” of all sorts.
David Edelstein, Chair of the School of Foreign Service Faculty, Georgetown University
Jonathan Katzman, Chief Product Officer, The Minerva Project
Bevin Philip, VP Operations, 2U
Clarissa Shen, VP Strategic Business and Marketing, Udacity
Betsy Corcoran, CEO, EdSurge, CAS ’84

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