Tamar, Emily, Theo, Da'Von

Air quality is important for us because it is part of our future. We need good air quality to live and if it gets worse and worse without anyone doing anything it will get harder to breathe outside. Two of our group members have asthma, and clean air is very important to their health. Not that it's not important to everyone else, but people with asthma are more sensitive to air pollution. The purpose of this project is to convince people to care more about their environment and the air they're breathing.

Our mural shows what Pittsburgh would be like if we continue to neglect our air, and also what our future could be if we start making a difference now.

On the right, a post apocalypse is shown. There are smokestacks spewing soot into the air. There are fires and radioactive waste, and the buildings are crumbling at the mercy of a meteor. All of these details are dulled by smoke that is almost blocking the scene, and making the air unbearable.

On the left is a utopia sheltered by a tree. On this side of the mural are our hopes for the future, countering the devastating image of what doing nothing to clean our air will cause. On this side of the mural people are riding bikes and walking instead of driving cars. There are factories shown, but they are using methods of production that produce less carbon dioxide, and preserve the health of the atmosphere. Windmills are aiding in the efforts as well as a way of producing electricity in an environmentally safe way.

This project is innovative because it gives the city a new way to thing about the environment and it gives passing people a good mural. This project is a different protest than people expect. It is a piece of art, so it doesn't talk to them, but they interpretate it. This project could be redone in different areas. All you have to do is paint a mural with the message "Clean your environment, and your world will be healthier and a better place to live".

We would like the air pollution to decrease and pollution in general, such as littering, to decrease as well. It raises awareness because everyone who passes by it will see it and get the message in a short period of time. It cannot give a negative impact because it clearly shows that if you don't care for your environment, then it will be a terrible place to live.

Our partner organization and us will be able to get this project done because our school is our sponsor. We could also do this project again with other sponsors, such as GASP. Also, we could persuade other children to do different variations on this project, making the impact of our message greater.

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