Connecting with Nature _ Connecting with Ourselves is a Fooniferse Creative Writing project on environment and conservation conducted between January-March 2013 at Kids Central, Chennai.

In a short frame of 10 half hour sessions, what is one of the first things that children in primary school can start with? Can we deepen the relationship they have with nature through language, arts and media? The project has been a wonderful start and immensely successful. What will remain with these children as they grow older is a question, but within these three months, there's been a shift in their consciousness about what nature means to them.

We believe that children are the future and must have the knowledge and power required to understand what is happening to the environment that is their inheritance. And in order to nurture environmentally conscious citizens, schools, individuals, parents and children must form a partnership and must be aware of the urgency with which we all need to act.

We thank the teachers, students and school leaders of Kids Central
Shoba Menon
and Shekar Dattatri
for the support they have provided.

To Bindhumalini ( and Vincent Wilkin (, for the spirit and strength their music has added to this film!

And Vedanth Bharadwaj for the wonderful sound design!

Srivi Kalyan

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