Before you start creating assignments, it might be a good idea to look at some examples to see some of the interesting options. In this video tutorial, you will see five examples:
1) Professional Learning example. After watching an embedded video, adult learners submit a journal entry as an assignment for feedback from the instructor.
2) Reading Comprehension. The student can hear audio direction, see images and read text before submitting three key ideas from the text either in writing using the build in editor or using the built-in audio recorder.
3) Haiku Project. Students learn about haikus and see several examples including illustrations and audio recordings as models. Using the rich text editor, student submit their written haiku along with an illustration and audio performance.
4) Compare/Contrast Writing. Students see how the assignment is aligned to standards and the rubric that will be used to score their essays. The watch two video scenes from Shakespeare and compare and contracts them. They submit their essays using an attachments as a Word document which is scanned by the optional plagiarism tool.
5) Foreign Language Performance based Assessment. Students work in teams to record an audio discussion and submit it to the teacher for feedback. The teacher can easily hear and score each submission and easily send reminders to those students yet to submit their assignments.

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