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Bret Slater is a rising Dallas based painter, with dealers in Chicago, Brussels, Dallas and New York. His small, colorful paintings have been described as loud works that command space. In public Slater is similar to his work, with arms covered in colorful tattoos and a loud, friendly attitude that commands people’s attention. In light of his outgoing personality, Bret spends most of his time at his apartment, which doubles as his studio.

When asked about his work Bret attempts to start 5 different sentences at once to describe anything from his method to what his work means. When it comes to the meaning of his work Bret maintains that he is open to the “mystery and magic” behind it. He doesn’t explain his work because he thinks that it lessens the value of any given piece. Bret describes his paintings as beings that you interact with, something you could take off the wall and have a conversation with. Bret has a firm grasp on the forms that he produces and meticulously, albeit sometimes quickly, produces each piece with thick, colorful paint.

Music was used with permission from the band Witchcraft, as this is not a commercial piece and was produced for a journalism class at the University of North Texas.

Music: "Samaritan Burden," Performed by: Witchcraft, Metal Blade Records, 2007

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