Japanese artist Macoto Murayama who works in the field of Digital Art provides one of his video pieces "C.warneri" (3min,59sec.,2007) for the dance performance titled "Evolve" by New Zealand Dance Company and other participated artists.

Know more about Macoto Murayama visiting Frantic Gallery home page here: frantic.jp/en/artist/artist-murayama.html

"Evolve" : as part of Language of Living season 10-11 August 2012 at ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand

This work is a response to the astonishing combination of fragility and tenacity in nature. The spine represents a thread through millions of years of growth. The adaptive nature of organisms is as miraculous as is their primal connection to humans.

Choreographer: Shona McCullagh with Ursula Robb
Cast: Ursula Robb
Music: Prelude by John Gibson, Soft Dawn Over Whispering Island by John Elmsly
Video work: Macoto Murayama
Costume: Andreas Mikellis
Set: Sue Gallagher
Opening graphic design: Gerbrand van Melle

Link: nzdc.org.nz/node/language-of-living/

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