ITV3 Idents 2013 'Collected Stories - Plant Life'

A project by Andersen M Studio and Tundra*

Title: Collected Stories
Agency: ITV Creative
Directed by Espen Haslene (Tundra*) and Martin Andersen (Andersen M Studio)
ITV Creative Team: Tony Pipes. David Tang, Adrian Headley & Ailie Miles
Head of Marketing: Sarah Tobias
Creative Director: Tony Pipes
Exec Creative Director: Phil Lind
Producer: Jen Lane
Production Company: ITV Creative / Soup Factory


Executive Creative Producer
Andy Soup / Soup Factory Ltd.

Espen Haslene

Stop-Frame Animation Director
Martin M. Andersen 

Jason Underhill
Ben Sullivan

Art Director
Karine Faou 

Senior Model Maker
Line Lunnemann Andersen

Model Makers and Cutters
Cat Johnston
Helene Baum 
Rosy Nicholas

Keeley Sheppard
Paulina Slebodzinska

Storyboard Artist
Oscar Arancibia 

Animation and Compositing
Dominic Burgess
Aaron Trinder
Marc Hardman
Letty Fox
Oscar Granse

Compositing Assistant
Adam Stewart

Studio Manager
Elina Masai Andersen

Directors Rep
Jade Bogue @ Soup Factory

Sound Design
Mikkel H. Eriksen @ Instrument Studio

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