Extensive Demolition and Reconstruction along Queens Quay West, Toronto - being carried on by Waterfront Toronto, Toronto Hydro, and dozens of contractors. This Demolition and Reconstruction - is creating a series of Public Health Hazards for the 100,000 tax paying Toronto residents living along Queens Quay West, in Toronto's downtown waterfront neighborhood!

These Public Health Hazards are due to constant extreme noise, toxic dust clouds, and the destruction of the ambiance of the waterfront environment. The end result of the above - the Waterfront Neighborhood Streetscape has disappeared!

At the same time, the above hazards are impacting the 100,000 residents inside their condos along the waterfront. This video demonstrates the noise issue; the resultant noise levels inside the condos - as you can hear!

The type of noise being produced will trigger deadly heart attacks; according to the United Nations World Health Organization! At the same time, research shows that the same above noise will STOP taste buds from working; making food tasteless!

Although 10s of million of tax dollars are being spent on the demolition/reconstruction along Queens Quay West from Bay St. to Bathurst St.; not ONE PENNY is being spent on Noise Attenuation Barriers by Waterfront Toronto, Toronto Hydro or any contractor!

Last but not least, the NOISE issue has gone into Ontario's courts. Residents of Prince Edward county went to the Ontario Courts, very recently, over the noise that will come from the proposed operation of wind turbines. Madam Justice S. E. Healey ruled that the residents will suffer losses in diminished property values due to the anticipated noise levels! 

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