January 10, 2013

Each year, one-sixth of the federal budget is dedicated to grants for non-federal entities, such as schools, local governments and nonprofit organizations. This $400 billion expenditure is highly scrutinized and requires stringent compliance procedures, including a single audit for many organizations. Failure to meet compliance requirements could result in your organization having to repay grants and/or losing access to future federal funding.

Join Aronson LLC for an informative webinar where our nonprofit accounting experts will help participants better understand the basics of federal grant and single audit compliance. Topics will include:

The Basics of Control Procedures in a Federal Grant Environment, including COSO Internal Controls and the 14 Areas of Compliance

The Basics of Costs in a Federal Grant, including Allowable/Unallowable and Direct/Indirect Costs

This is a great opportunity to get a free lesson from our professional nonprofit auditors that just might help you protect the future of your mission.


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