This was my initial thesis film pitch from preproduction, and was reviewed by Paulo Alvarado, Charles Keagle, and David Nethery. There notes on this version were used to produce the final version:

Jack and Lovey are two toddlers looking for fun at the zoo while under the care of their witless and slovenly guardian.

Our story begins as they approach the pygmy winged hippo enclosure. Jack is eager to gain the animal's attention while Lovey is bored with the entire outing. Quickly they realize the Hippo is fascinated by Lovey's pacifier, and Jack selfishly takes advantage of the situation to gain the animal's attention. While the two children taunt the desperate and “flightless” hippo their guardian's nachos inadvertently dump onto the animal's head. Tiring of their teasing it swallows a large pepper and uses it to ignite a rocket like thrust out of it's butt! It nabs the pacifier and leaves the kids standing, bewildered.

What follows is an unexpected and fast paced chase sequence through several zoo set pieces as the kids seek to reclaim the beloved pacifier, which the hippo has inadvertently swallowed!

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