A selection of my lighting and compositing work from this year.

00:05 - Thesis:
• shot background footage
• shot HDRI, created detailed displacement maps for existing whale model provided by instructor
• textured and lit 3D elements (whale, grid, lamp post)
• comped 3D elements, footage, and stock footage elements (god rays and particulate)

00:19 - Thesis:
• shot background footage and HDRI
• tracked the scene and recreated ground plane and asphalt texture as well as portion of fence in 3D
• created displacement map of waves for the ground plane in realflow
• added existing car models into the scene then lit and textured them
• created tiled loop of caustics footage and projected it onto walls
• comped all the elements together

00:32 - Dan McPharlin study:
- a short study with a 3D model of one of the robotic creatures in one of artist Dan McPharlin's pieces titled Subterranea - flickr.com/photos/danmcp/351523394/in/photostream

• modeled and animated the robot
• rendered the model with toon shading
• projected image onto simple geometry for fake camera move

00:38 - Eve II:
- This is the last shot from a visual effects group project with June Ahn, Michael Estrada, Chris Yi, Wing Sze Lee, Jane Min, Adam Park, and Lauren Tom.

• modeled, textured, and lit the the facial elements
• created a 360 degree pano of the 3D background environment and comped it in as a background using the camera track
• created a texture for where the shoulder meets the arm
• created the final composite.

00:41 - Surfrider Spot:
- The next three shots are from a Surfrider spot I did as part of my thesis.

• whale model given by instructor then detailed in Zbrush
• textured and lit the whale
• created caustics map in maya and projected them onto the model
• created the god rays that result from caustics with Vray's environment fog and animated opacity maps
• ocean surface done in Maya with a plane and Vray water displacement map
• comped 3D elements with footage of floating particulate

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