KWAIDAN - JUNE 15th & JUNE 16th

Late March we held auditions to cast our new opera project. I knew who I wanted to work with, the question was, which dancer would play wich part in the opera. The invited dancers were all East Brooklyn Flex Dancers.

FLEX is a kind of underground dance at the edge of Brooklyn and of street performance itself. They are dancers in violent parts of the city expressing themselves by pushing the limits of their bodies and developing their own MIND BLOWING technique comprabable to that of my professional dancers…

Special thanks to Deidre Schoo, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, and to all the dancers involved in this project: Giulia Carotenuto, Manelich Minnieffie, Carlye Eckert, Element, Bones, Vibez, and Jigsaw

Camera: Keith Estiler
Editor: Yara Travieso
Score: "Boys Cruising" by Tranimal

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