8000 Kilometre Roadtrip,

18 days on the road with twin brothers only a mother could love.

An old 1989 Ford laser with nearly 300,000kms on the clock...

...Something's bound to go wrong.

'Roadtrippers with David and Michael Karacic' is set over 5 half hour episodes covering an 18 day roadtrip across 3 states of Australia. It is truly isolated with no support crew. The one man camera/sound department is stuffed in the back with them. There are shows that claim to travel on their own but its never true isolation.

The series starts off with the boys stranded in the middle of the south australian desert, it appears that the car has slid off the road minus a wheel. As they are still trying to figure out what happened it suddenly cuts back to 3 weeks earlier.We get to know David and Michael more as they busily prepare for their long awaited trip. Then go along with them as they explore their travel show desires right up until they are finally on the highway with no way home.


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