Machine mouth is a metaphoric name derived from the scientific underground experiment. Engineered by a group of scientists in search of the GOD Particle - a singular particle that will prove the theory of the Big Bang; the birth of our universe. The process of obtaining this unstable atom requires the splitting of molecules, and in the event it reacts with other matter, it will create a catastrophic explosion on earth, imploding the whole universe into a black hole, resulting in a whole new galaxy. This scientific experiment of mankind acting as God, recreating life out of curiosity has it’s limits from where man and God stand.

In this new body of works, Clogtwo explores the mechanical system through social and life experiences based on the country’s “good” intention. Showcasing the disturbed mind of suppressed thoughts into visual mayhem.

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Filmed & Edited by:

"Wisps" Young Team feat. Eli Colburn
"Digital Love" Daft Punk
"Wretches and Kings" Linkin Park

A Fuku Suru Production

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