Serendip has shot a film on the transformation of Pakistan through the political struggle of women.
We follow Badam Zari in Bajaur, Nusrat in Dir, Sanam a transgender in Sukkar and Weeru an ex bonded labour in Hyderabad during the election 2013.

We have uploaded a few clips to show the gusto of Nusrat Begum's campaign in Dir Pakistan. It started with a door to door campaign in an area where women cannot come out of their homes without male permission. Despite this a woman stood up and challenged the status quo only to find an informal ban that scared the women into coming out and voting.

Translation of Nusrat In a nut shell:

People know men have failed. Now its time for a woman
All politicians promise and never deliver but when I will come I will deliver as I have come out with honour.
For the last 60 years you have tried others now try me for the next 5 years. We want change, we want peace, we want a future and we want something for the future generations.
I am ready to sacrifice for my country. I am running as Dir's first woman.

who gave you anything in the past, tell me if anyone got anything come forward?
I will work with you. Those who have education I will get you jobs. those who don't I will give you a livelihood, my doors are always open and you can come anytime and take whatever you want.

I want my sister and broth. Please try me and see what I can do for you. I can sacrifice for you. Badam sari stood up from Bajaur and I have stood from Dir. I will raise my sights up but never let you down.
God willing whatever is in your heart you can share with at home at anytime whether its a problem of a pipe or you need gas…

I have always wanted to serve. I wish I would come out earlier. Then there would not have been these problems.

Had the past leadership done something I would not have had to leave my home to come out like this. Now its up to us to work together and get results.

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