We are proud to be selected as one of the top 12 from the 233 entries!!
Briefing by Hyundai:
"Besides taking you from A to B, what role could a car play in your life? What special memories, unique experiences or great moments could happen with a car? Could a car be seen as a home, as a place to heal or to create? Even as a friend? Or can you think of a different way to use your car? Hyundai believes that cars have a special place in people's lives and can bring you brilliant experiences, beyond being just... cars."
The story is about a Hyundai car who’s telling his live experience with his family. The car becomes a full and important member of the family. Not only because everybody needs a car, but also because this car will create multiple special moments in their lives.In this concept these special moments have been captured on camera. The capture of a special moment is an importants in this concept. It gives you a special emotional attachment. A special emotion/experience being created by the car, captured on camera. This is the foundation of this concept. Although most stories end, this story continues in a endless cyclus. At the end a new Hyundai car has become a new family member, and will start to create his own story, and story goes on.

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