Chemtrails in Florida by the Ocean, over my home releasing NANO PARTICULATES -- Listen for the sudden Spectrum Burst of Electromagnetic Frequency Fields. See X-Marks the Spot blocking the Sun.

On a Sunday morning, May 12 13 at 1030 am.

They're spraying just before DUSK, all night long, now on an early Sunday morning when most people are still sleeping, or in Church. Even those out shopping and on the beach DO NOT KNOW about CHEMTRAILS. They're dumbing down Americans so they don't notice the NDAA, Beligerance Act, War with Syria (Iran), FEMA coffins and Camps, spraying NANO into everyone while all are under blanket surveillance by those who's leaders created the Church of Satan while conducting OVERT WARFARE on Americans in their homes with low lying Satellites, Death Towers (Gwen/Microwaves), and passing military Jets.

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