Five-shot is a useful technique when filming someone working on something with any action. When filming, remember to get a minimum of five different shots, which will help give you a video sequence with visual variety.
These takes are created during a workshop entitled "Filming with DLRS" with Gero Breloer.

For 5Shots films you have to film each sequence in five takes from different angles:
- Where (shows where the story is to take place.)
- Who (shows who is the central protagonist)
- What (shows what he is doing)
- Over Shoulder (shows the the ‘What’ from the over shoulder)
- Beauty Shot (Shows the protagonist in a different and closer camera view and/or the action in a particular nice picture from any angle and with any field size)

In other words: With 5 Shots from one szene, you can create different Edits.

Also respect the 180-degree rule in order to orientate the viewer.

The story in this example:
A worker takes 5 items from machine #1, checks the quality of them and brings them back to machine #2.

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