ONE SHOT is back. I figured I kick things off with this following the previous ONE SHOT by Konstantin. There will be more to come as the weather gets warmer. Stay tuned.
"It isn't just another piece of woven stitched fabric. It represents a piece of an idea, a principle, something that you clinch tightly and hold close and dear to your heart. It's about focusing on a goal through adversity, making calculated decisions and executing them to achieve it. It's about ignoring the negativity and finding the positive, harnessing it, and building on it. It's about finding that true pure love and following through with it to the very end, and discovering what lies beyond the light at the end of that tunnel.... " ~ and that's the motto, YOLO and we bout it err day ~

Titoboy Approved (tba) is a lifestyle apparel brand that revolves around the motto that life begins when you "doWhatULove". With a touch of PI flair tba sets out to bring an ultra fresh positive outlook on urban apparel. Based out of Toronto we have gain some international traction and can be seen in cities such as Montreal, Vancouver, LA, San Diego, and New York. If you want to check out our current designs click "SHOP" on our menu bar. Test your limits, "doWhatULove" -- tba

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