I did this hike a few years ago, and I decided to do it again. I called it a "mystery" at the time because there was really nothing out there on this other than a few newspaper articles and a few footnotes I was able to find on this California Historical Landmark #618. I kind of had an idea what to expect, but did not know until I actually got there. I covered this one in a series of blogs a few years back so you can refer to that if you want to know more. If you can't read the inscription then I quote it in one of the blogs:

A word about Nicki. On May 12, 1995 I had just watched Nick Van Exel (@vanexel31) of the Los Angeles Lakers have a great game in a victory over the Spurs. I would not have gone out walking that night if they had lost, but I wanted to listen to the post game show as I walked. I had a choice of where I wanted to walk and decided to go in a way I never did. On the way, I had the volume up, but thought I could hear a strange sound. I almost kept walking, and it was strange I heard it with my earphones as loud as I had them. I decided to turn around and find out what the strange sound was. Well, this little creature came out of the bushes and started "yowing" at me. The creature was so small in the dark I thought it was a little dog. Then I saw it was a cat, but smaller than my hand. I never liked cats, but I could not leave the little kitten out there with all the cars around and she was very aggressive in "talking" to me. So, through a bunch of very odd coincidences I took her home and she was with me for almost 18 years.

At the time I found her I just hoped to she could have a good life for a few years since it would have been better than living on the streets. She lived a relatively healthy life, was a very loyal companion, and we shared a lot of good times together. She kept me in check during the good and bad times. So, even though I knew the end would eventually come, it was and even now is still difficult. Everyone goes through these things with pets, and although she was not a human, she was next best thing.

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