A short demo of Bulb Ramping, (automatic) ISO Ramping and Bulb HDR with BramPi 1-X.

Non HDR demo: vimeo.com/65675991

Some flicker caused by deactivated X-Sync (grmpf, I didn't install the latest software of BramPi 1-X and I had to deactivate X-Sync). HDR sequence is 0EV, -2EV, -4EV.

The diagram in the last frame: the red curve shows the bulb ramping factor during time (I adjusted it while shooting); the blue curve show the exposure time in milliseconds, drops indicate automatic ISO ramping

Exposure time varies from 1 to 15 seconds
ISO varies from 100 to 1600 ASA
Camera: Canon 400D/Rebel XTi

HDR processing in Photomatix Pro, preset "Natural"

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