A lot of peolple has asked me how I modified the stock USB cable on my Phantom, so here is a quick look at what I have done and what parts I used (see links to cable on the bottom of this description.

This was the first mod I did to my Phantom, as i found the stock USB cable provided in the Phantom was in the way when I changed batteries, and got lost inside the battery trey when I needed to connect to the Naza Assistant.

It's a quick mod, and connecting to the NA is now a beeze, using my GoPro cable - less cables, less hassle.

Open the Phantom, and remove the stock USB cable. It is fasted with a zip tie in the front, just cut that, and in the back it is fastened with a little hot glue or similar. I took a scalpel and carefully cut the hot glue where it is glued to the body above the LED indicator. Be careful and do not cut anything else. Then gently dissconect the micro connector. Voila, you're almost done.

Take your new cable, which should be a short (10.15cm) USB 2 Mini-A to Micro-B 5pin data cable. They cost about a dollar, and is readily available. Some of these cables are for cell phones, and do not have 5pins, I do not know if they work properly for connecting with the Naza Assistant, so get a 5 pin cable (see link to the one I got from eBay below).

Insert the micro.b (male part of your cable) into the micro socket in the back of the battery trey. I used a small piece of sugru to fsecure it (DJI used hot glue or something similar). Then find a location you want the outside connection to be, and cut a hole for the Mini-A (female end of your cable). Measure twice, cut once. I used Evergreen L-beams I had laying around for support between the body and connector, and super glued it all in place. A smart alternative is dremel a small groove in the connector, all the way around it, that can slide into the hole you cut in the body, and glue in place. The hole needs to be in junction to the groove in the connector.

Screw the body back together, smile and know you have saved some weight, have no more loose cables in the battery trey, and can connect using a GoPro cable or equal, to the Naza Assistant easily.

Link to the cable I used:

More info and stuff about my Phantom on simensays.com

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