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A little girl with a passion for music and dance. She will dance no matter the odds.

Director/Creator: Jason Marino
Director: Craig Kitzmann
Lead Viz Dev: Wendell Dalit
Lead Animator: Aaron Soon

Modeling: Craig Kitzmann, Jason Marino, Chris Carranza, Riz Azad

Viz Dev: Kristy Kay, Joelle Murray, Steph Lew

Animation: Rebecca Roberts, Lucie Roberts, Danny Men, Emily Chen,Brandon Moore, Anthony Presutto, Jason Wong, Alex Yip, Elizabeth Bruan, Mina Evans, Jake Brunmeier, Kim Lambe, Alex Turner

Lighting: Jason Marino, Craig Kitzmann

Story Boarding: Micheal Fong

Texturing: Wendell Dalit, Jason Marino, Craig Kitzmann

Coming Soon Summer 2013

Special thanks to Steve Hickner, Jeremy Vickery, Noah Klocek, Tom Esmeralda, Alice Carter, David Chai, Courntey Granner, John Clapp, Raquel Coelho, Annabel Page

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