Celebrate the summer with us.


Model: Stephanie Aelbrecht.
Clothing: Daisy Kroon | daisykroon.com

Concept: Dhani Rahmawan & Victor Zwiers.
Film: Dhani Rahmawan & Victor Zwiers.
Edit: Victor Zwiers.

Music by Purity Ring, Lofticries.

Tattoos by: Dave De Crom - Black Wolf
Dennis Pase - Five Star Tattoo
Valerie Vargas - Frith Street Tattoo
Kim Rense - Papanatos
Hans Pasztjerik - Stay Classy
Guen Douglas - Salon Serpent
Morg Armeni - Morganic Heart
Jelle Soos - Death Or Glory
Slicknick - 25 To Life
Mark - On Edge

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