Training on Saturday, weather is nice, it is sunny right now, we will see if it will stay this way on Sunday. On one of the jumps in the forest Jezier did not land properly, crashed badly and injured his wrist. So there will be only two of us representing our team in the finals. We hope that this year’s first starts in the elite category will bring us first victories.
The course was heavily changed from last year, it is more difficult, many new obstacles were added.
At the end of last year we received some new Revolt rims from Dartmoor for testing, now those rims are available for buyers. Those rims are a bit lighter than Rider model, we are going to use Revolt rims during this season. After first trainings we can say that the rims are very good, wheels are strong and true. We are also testing the new chain device with taco, this is a prototype.
This is the first edition of Polish DH Cup, qualifying starts in three hours., I’m back in the elite category, let ‘s see how it goes…
Unfortunately I was too optimistic about this course, I had a nasty crash… qualifying is in one hour, I hope that will get myself together and start. I did not make it to finish during qualifying, I could be better during finals. I’m glad that this first unlucky start is behind me.
Quite good finals for me, 4th time of the day, I counted for a better time, around 2.15, 2.16, but I made some mistakes, so I think for a comeback it is ok. I have not been in San Remo for spring training and that may also be one of the reasons for this result.
Only two of us managed to start, I was not fully functional after my crash, Tomek injured his wrist. Let us hope that next Polish DH Cup race will be luckier for us. We want to invite everybody to Koninki.

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