This is my 2013 public reel

The projects include:

Dino Hunt. A short film by Amrinder Singh, for which I did rigging, muscles,muscle simulation and feather RND. Muscles where done using Maya Muscle plug-in. It was very important to get a realistic portrail of the dinosaurs for this project. The team did a lot of research of anatomy for Dromeosauruses and Triceratopses, talked to paleontologist and went to Berkley Paleontology Museum. A great project to work on, and great people to work with. The film is currently in production, for more information check the website

Sidekick. A short animated film. I was happy to work closely with Amrinder Singh on his short, that has recently entered a few festivals including Siggraph Computer Animation Festival 2013

Kudu. A rig I did for Vivian Su's film The Chase. The film is currently in the lighting stage. It was the first time for me to work with fur simulation, which I did with shave and hair. Even though it has it's flaws I enjoyed both the process and the result. In the reel you can see the turntaible of the Kudu with a test animation with muscle and fur simulation applied.

Pterosaur Rig. A demonstration of the rig I did for a film Dead River by Randy Link.

Autorigging script. Demonstration of the script written in Python for Autodesk Maya. The script imports the skelleton, after which user can change the possition of the joints. The script then automaticaly builds the rig, either by selecting the joints, or by naming convention.

The Juggler Rig. Demonstration of the rig made for the short film the Juggler by Akin Bilgic

Miya Before and After. An online game by Spittball Enterntainment for which I rigged several characters and vehicles

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