"Rhythm 10 - The Star" (1973) by Marina Abramovic. Performed by Hidden Mother at Capitol Stockholm 2013. Behind the camera: Rooster Films.

Knife game: Ulrik Nilsson
Sound manipulations: Magdalena Meitzner and Pontus Langendorf.

In Hidden Mother's interpretation of "Rhythm 10" the sounds is manipulated during the performance, adding a intruding/sabotaging element above the "past/present" synchronisation. And there's a reminiscence of Rebecca Horn's body extensions (see "Feather finger"). On Marina Abramovic's blood stained fingers is attached springbok horns (musicians can't hurt their fingers, you know...).

Abramovic's instructions:

I lay a sheet of white paper on the floor. I lay twenty knives of different shapes and sizes on the floor. I place two cassette recorders with microphones on the floor.

I switch on the first cassette recorder. I take the knife and plunge it, as fast as I can, into the flesh between the outstretched fingers of my left hand. After each cut, I change to a different knife. Once all the knives (all the rhythms) have been used, I rewind the tape. I listen to the recording of the first performance. I concentrate. I repeat the first part of the performance. I pick up the knives in the same sequence, adhere to the same rhythm and cut myself in the same places. In this performance, the mistakes of the past and those of the present are synchronous. I rewind the same tape and listen to the dual rhythm of the knives. I leave.


Scenic music - Sound rituals - Performance



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