The idea behind this short video is the absence of someone or something. In the case of the girl in the video she deals with many different issues in her life and the sudden absence of her mother create this emotion impossibly for any other person to understand, the simplistic lifestyle of a child has been taken away and stripped back to emotionless girl who doesnt completely understand how strong she really is. Along side with the leaving of her mother, she slowly copes with her going insane and becoming the person she said she never would be. The cool tones in this work is one of my favourite aesthetics and the overlaying of images.
The use of Premiere 6 helped to make this all possible. The girl in the video needs to be noted as she was very cooperative throughout the whole filming of the work, Lily Cooper my 12 year old sister.
Other mentions to Various Teachers and Students at school have helped push me the whole way to reaching this end result.

The original Artwork is a projection on wooden paneling, this is only half of the final work. Instalment starts tomorrow.

SPECIAL MENTION to HALEY BALL, provided the awesome name.
Sorry for being so awkward.

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