Trailer 'Rwanda. Reconciliation, a must'

In Rwanda, people live peacefully. However, is it the same coexisting peacefully than living in peace? Eighteen years after the genocide, Hutu and Tutsi are all part of a country officially and apparently in peace. Reconciliation was the only way to survive and a political priority for the government that arose after the genocide and it is still in power. The justice of the Gacaca, Memory and the press, all pushed on that direction. But at the same time, reconciliation has been imposed. It has been a one-way process that created cracks. The suffering and the wounds of so many atrocities are still present. "The first day we ex-prisoners and survivors sat face to face, we thought that the survivors would revenge. But they were also worried. They thought we had returned to commit another genocide".

Directed by: Oriol Andrés, Carlos Castro, Gemma Garcia, Iolanda Parra
Written by: Oriol Andrés, Carlos Castro
A production by: Associació de Periodisme Fora de Quadre / Col·lectiu de periodistes Contrast
Country: Spain
Year of production: 2012
Original languages: Kinyarwanda, French and English
Subtitles: English / Spanish / Catalan
Original format: HDV
Format of exhibition: DVD / HDCAM
With the support of:
Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament
Ajuntament de Barcelona

With the collaboration of:
Urungano Youth & Media
Institut Català Internacional per la Pau

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