A brief exploration of the life of a woman experiencing an emotional crisis, as we follow her through three different periods in her life. We watch as she distances herself, severing her closest relationships, and the attempt years later to recapture what she lost.
Following three crucial periods in her emotional development from the birth of her love, until the moment where she tries to deal with the repercussions of her actions and salvage the damage she inflicted on herself and those she loved. A life in fragments, both in how we see the story unfold, as well as her emotional state.

The film was inspired by a desire to make a drama exploring the emotional complexities of what is essentially an everyday situation, and the impact that has on people over time. A homage to the french new wave, Godard in particular.

Starring: Frederic Gessiaume, Nathalie Bienvenu and Damien Gajda

Shot on 16mm in Brittany, France
18min approx
Cinematographer: Lisa Muzzulini
Editor: Chiara Menage
Music: Oskar Vizan
Written and directed by Tony Sebastian Ukpo
Producers: Tony Sebastian Ukpo, Neigeme Glasgow-Maeda, Chloe Cooper

press kit@ vertigoheights-film.co.uk

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