"The evolution of Man the macro and man the micro across time and space."

One of my final pieces for my second year at University was to create a film shot entirely in a TV Studio around the theme of "Light, Dark and Shadows". I initially took this idea in a metaphorical sense, looking at the creation of light and dark in the universe, then a literal sense in the film's aesthetic after the initial screenplay was written. This is the short version of the film to conform with the University brief. I am currently working on a much longer version - with a drawn out creation sequence at the start, scenes of the Gods and a more fleshed out and developed ending.

Audio Sourced From: freesound.org


Hannah Gargan
Rhys Townsend
Jamie Panton


Jamie Panton


Hannah Gargan
Rhys Townsend
Jamie Panton


Rhys Townsend


Babak Jani


Jamie Panton


Jamie Evans
Nadia Evans
Lewis Kenting

CAST (in order of appearance):

Chole Parfitt - Man
Lisa Jenkins - Mother Earth
Stuart McNeill - Father Sky
Alan Waldron - Masked God #1
Amy Briggs - Masked God # 2
Pav Sahni - Masked God # 3
Rhys McLellan - Mased God # 4
Jennifer Lloyd - Woman
Hannah Gargan - Masked Figure # 1
Rhys Townsend - Masked Figure # 2
Lewis Kenting - Masked Figure # 3
Jamie Evans - Masked Figure # 4
Paul Cornish - Death

Thanks to SMU Staff

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