Rebirth has been already in production for almost 2 years and we did put enormous amount of work and heart into this project. The work is getting near the end. Now we need your help to complete it and make it widely available to the public.

We have just started an indiegogo crowd funding campaign that we hope to help us gather funds necessary for finalizing the post and releasing the film. You can support us by spreading the word, donating, preordering the Collector's Edition or even more.

Please support the project at igg.me/at/rebirth-film
Please spread the word. We count on you.

Below you see a quick timelapse of scanning we did with EKG Baukultur (ekg-baukultur.com) almost 2 years ago for the film.
That's the first use of laser scanning visuals as a mean of expression in the film and probably also the first time laser scanning process was timelapsed :)

Check the trailer of Rebirth here: vimeo.com/70498660
Read more about the film below.


“Rebirth” is an experimental short film by Patryk Kizny, a visual artist recognized for pioneering motion-controlled timelapse cinematography and exploring innovative imaging techniques.

“Rebirth” is a metaphysical story exploring human desire for transcendence and achieving immortality through creation.

The film’s distinctive qualities are based on cross-discipline visual approach, an innovative use of emerging technologies and as such the film has no precedence in the history of visual arts and cinema.

Visual Innovation

To some extent, the film builds on previous Kizny’s experience with motion-controlled and HDR timelapse used in famous “The Chapel” (2010) or “The Dreams Come True” (2011).

Yet, with this short film Kizny steps far beyond typical visual means such as live action cinematography or time lapse, reaching for such innovative imaging techniques as laser scanning, used for the first time in film as a mean of expression and point cloud-based visuals combined with motion capture or photogrammetry.

Read more about the film at rebirth-film.com

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