The film based on a comic strip called SMOKE by Adrian Tomine I did at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. With this movie I tried to translate the technique of narration in comic into video aesthetic. I was interested in that special kind of dynamic storytelling with stopped-motion-pictures and with breaks. How does motion work without moving the camera?

A young woman is confronted with a not solvable problem. A conflict. How does this transform into action? Where does action start? How much passivity is possible in action? Who decides when I am unable to decide? Which ways out, ways back, loops away, ways of communication are open and when are they closed? Stagnancy as a condition. Film as acting moment. Stop!

Experimental short film, January 2004, 9min
miniDV, Color, 4:3, Stereo, No dialogues

Produced at the Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany in 2004

Actress - Susann Maria Hempel
Assistant of Production - Samuel Oey
Colour Matching - Martin Kleppe
Sound Design - Lars Mai
Script - Mirko Kubein (based on a comic strip by Adrian Tomine)
Directing, Camera, Editing - Mirko Kubein

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