St.Hallvard is a Norwegian clothing brand created by two bartenders with a background in Oslo's rock-scene. The pique-shirts and jackets are made with a knowing nod to iconic British brands Fred Perry and Ben Sherman, brands that for more than half a century have been an important part of subcultures like mods and punk.

Adopting Oslo's coat of arms as their brand logo, St.Hallvard have marketed themselves as THE brand for Oslo's rock-scene, made for men who live a bit hard but always dress sharp.

How could we make a film for St.Hallvard that would both celebrate this hard living image and also be a punkesque love letter to Oslo? Who is the ultimate hard living character with an Oslo-identity?
The answer was the main character in Knut Hamsun's 1890 novel Hunger, a piece of early-modernist, anarchic literature which is dearly beloved by generations of Norwegian musicians and artists. When telling the story of Mr.Hunger we create a new mythology for St.Hallvard: They are and "always have been" the choice of dress for Oslo's anti-heroes.

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