We all have a lazy college senior living inside our heads. What we choose to do with her or him is up to us...and the results may not be what we anticipate.


As a college senior juggling a biochemistry major, a passion for illustration and animation, future job prospects, and other things, I sometimes wished that I could be more lazy, more carefree. So I lived vicariously through making this little story.

Done for Intermediate Computer Animation at Brown University; the bulk of the work was completed in a span of one and a half weeks, while the model was created for an earlier assignment. I modeled, rigged, and animated Lazy College Senior, built the set, storyboarded the script I'd written, and made the 2D visuals.

See progress shots and more here: goo.gl/plbnY

Thanks to Professor Meier and Aimei Kutt (TA) for their help, Orlando and Louisa for narrating, and the awesome CS128 class for the feedback and fun times. I'll miss you guys.

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