Just in time for IO 2013, Google teamed up with Makers.com to feature leading female Googlers to encourage girls to consider a career in technology, as the world around us changes evolves faster than Moore's Law.

Makers.com showcases women who star in our world in every avenue of life; you can check out the range of experience they've documented in video form at makers.com

In this video, Gayathri Rajan outlines the arc of her life: from 'latchkey' daughter of Mumbaikar heavy-metal engineers through Cambridge to a life in Silicon Valley at Google. Now Director of Product Management for Google Offers, Gayathri talks about persistence, resilience and how it feels for a female technologist to hear that her two daughters want to follow in her footsteps.

Brilliant images were framed up by Studio G DP Jesse Eisenhardt; sets were artfully dressed by Michael Merryweather, local team assembled and wrangled by Jenn Thomas, and shoots were directed by Studio G EP Sinéad O'Mara, drawing out the stories and smiles that tug at the heartstrings.

Special thanks to the other editor on this project, Dan Melius, for helping our team at Studio G mange to create a set of five videos in three weeks with many Google Supremos throwing their two cents in early, often, and (way too) late!

You can check out Dan's work at dmelius.com, Jesse's at cinema15.net, and my work at frametite.com.

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