I saw these 3 teenagers beside the house practicing a dance routine during our family's vacation at Brgy. Bagacay, San Dionisio, Iloilo. I was testing my new camcorder that day and wanted to test it out on them. I decided to make an impromptu music video the next day if they are willing. They gladly said yes to my proposal since one of the boy's younger brother (9yo) was a playmate of my two sons (5 and 6yo) and also decided to tag along and learned their dance routine overnight.

The video is intended to be a fun shoot with everybody having fun during the vacation and also intended to test the camcorder's capabilities and limitations, esp during night. Most of the shots are hand held except for some shots which were on a tripod. Simple editing was applied without animated special effects since I only brought a low end netbook with me and can't handle the graphics. Music mix used was provided by the dancers.

an Akinari production
Voxel Digital Studio (facebook.com/VoxelDigitalStudio)


the WAVE SIDE CREW dance mix

shot at Brgy. Bagacay, San Dionisio, Iloilo

Andrew aka Akinari

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