Spoof of the Bachelor! The hit reality date show "Love Match" comes crashing into the real world when: Two spokes models are mistaken as Arsenal Lady killers from Vinnie's gang by bumbling crooks who follow them to recover their stolen money from them!
*Inciting incident:* The girls accidentally have grabbed a bag filled with millions of dollars thinking it is their promotional product sample bag. The crooks are stuck with a bag of erotic sun tan lotion that leaves you with that tingly feeling.

The girls stranded at the side of the road are picked up by the newest and sexy Bachelor, Chad McLane and fellow production assistant, nerdy Red. The crooks follow them onto the live set of "Love Match" disguised as the cooks of the show.

Will there be explosions and gun shots live on air? *Great for ratings.

Will the students in the dorm spot the thieves when they order pizza and see a gun in between a crack?

Love Match a chain of events of mistaken identity old screw ball comedy style. Enjoy the wild ride & laugh out loud with the Vinnie Hill Gang.

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