The video was produced entirely using the Konova Smart Motion Controller for K5 80 (1/264 Geared Motor)

We examined the SMC under extreme conditions of weight bearing, angles of movement, different speeds, and accurate performance in macro shooting.
Among the activities mentioned, we have also produced Several scenes of Time-lapse.
In fact, we stretched the limits of performance of the system on all three main components, including automatic and manual operation of the engine.
In addition, the engine worked many hours, some with batteries and some with direct connection to electricity.(included the ac adapter & battery pack)

The bottom line is, this is an excellent system which gave us room to maneuver very, very widely and execute all parts of our storyboard.

In addition and equally important, this is an excellent product for its market price, significantly upgrading all production and very convenient for Studio meticulously planned.

In terms of results, the SMC has provided us with very diverse performance options and the ability to design creative scenes and everything in the budget of a few hundred dollars.

We highly recommend to use the SMC in a medium-budget productions - This product will upgrade your production dramatically.
Can be purchased on eBay and Amazon, as well as the company website.
The video was filmed during two months and based entirely on original material.
All videos were taken by Nikon D800 with a variety of lenses.
K5 (80cm) was placed on two tripods.
Tripod head of a
Edited in ADOBE

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