This video demonstrates some prototype modules being developed by Phillip Stearns and Pete Edwards for a larger breadboard based modular synth system. The current collection of modules demonstrated here were developed and designed by Phillip Stearns using a stackable, header-based form factor designed by Pete Edwards. Each module features a curated collection of CMOS chips configured into powerful core multipurpose functions. At the heart of the design approach and ethos is the desire for endless musical and electronic invention, exploration, and discovery from the bottom up or the top down.

The current lineup of modules includes:
The Shifter: A complex signal generator that utilizes an 8-bit linear feedback shift register.
Divide by 2 by 2 by 2 by 2...: a frequency divider that produces 12 sub octaves with three programmable 1 of 8 outputs.
Divide by 3 - 10: A frequency divider that produces subharmonics
The Digitizer: A real-time 3-bit ADC
The Rhythm Brain: Three synchronized, independently programmable binary rate multipliers.

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