a short animated film

visual concept & idea: Viktor Mazhlekov
directed & written by Simeon Sokerov
animation: Studio Sokerov
produced by Chaos Group
music by: Doncho Genov & Anelia Pavlova
script doctor: Radoslav Kamburov

modeling, textures & shading :
Danail Nikov
Simeon Sokerov
Radosvet Mihtarski
Viktor Mazhlekov

Vesselin Kushev

technical directors:
Blagoy Kostov
Simeon Sokerov

Simeon Sokerov
Blagoy Kostov

The PORTALS are the embodiment of the transition from one experience to another, all these transitions form our journey. Realizing a simple thing that everything is impermanent, turns our journey into an exciting adventure. The goal of this CG short animated film is to provoke imagination and creative spark in the viewer. I believe this will lead to raising our awareness and evolution.

Viktor Mazhlekov


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