Kitchen CUT: A revolutionary kitchen management system

Easy recipe costing and storage, expert consultancy and time-saving management tools - the ultimate online service for today’s modern chefs, restaurants, pubs and hotels alike.

What can Kitchen CUT do?
INCREASE PROFITS AND CUT COSTS : Control over recipe costing, margins, stock, breakages, wastage and more to improve financial performance.

IMPROVE EFFICIENCY AND BUSINESS OPERATIONS: Implementation of processes to maximise productiviy and streamline operations. Ready made forms and tools to save time and money.

DEVELOP & TRAIN TEAMS : Improves staff retention, reduces recruitment costs and gives a more consistent output.

PROVIDES CONSULTANCY AND INSIGHTS : Expert consultants provide articles to improve your kitchen operation - covering health & safety, HR, menu writing, training, financial consultancy and more.

**GLOBAL CUSTOMISATION NOW AVAILABLE** - change your currency, upload your own ingredients and prices.

Visit to sign up for a free trial. Prices start from £9.99 per month.

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