A live mix, largely off screen.
Resonance pot on TB-303 Devil Fish set to 0.
A convoluted modular patching arrangement between the Devil Fish, and three Moogerfoogers-
CP251 control processor(receiving and sending CV to/from-the Devil Fish, MF-101 lowpass filter, MF104z delay which is receiving the audio out of the Devil Fish and is in a feedback loop, using the delay signal only sent to the lowpass which in turn is sent to the DF audio in to filter, the CP251 is also sending noise to the FM in, the DF CV out is controlling the feedback on the Delay, the ACC. out is used to trigger the sample&hold unit in the CP251 and the gate out is modulating the env amount on the lowpass. MXR Fullbore Metal distortion pedal on the external loop of the moogerfooger delay, Devil Fish Accent in from CP251 triangle LFO, a splitter cable to the FM in allowing two signals the second being a Boss Flanger BF-3.

Though for this recording I removed the Audio in to filter and the Fm in till later in the track. other machines used were Yamaha RS7000- Percussion(& break), lead, and Elektron Analog- Four Kick and Bass.

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