Snippets of our video art happening "A Light Here"
at The Foundry. A visually engaging event - loosely
based around the theme of visuals and sonics
blurring through a jam. ;-) Taking part in the small vaults featuring
visuals by Dancon1 and Manu Bubbletree (live drawing)
and music by Same Actor, Isnaj Dui, Kwerk and Stormcrow.
In the words of Same Actor-
"DJ Doudou Malicious’ Multivitamins night at Pool bar in Shoreditch, London in 2006 was where I first encountered Katie English. Those weekday night sessions were never ideal for “organic electronica” and the punters were often surprisingly more interested in the pool than the soundscapes. Still I remember paying close attention to Katie’s set as Isnaj Dui that night, she wove some mysterious patterns with her flute and effects. I can’t remember anything about what I played then but there were some obvious comparisons to be made. As solo artists we were both playing an instrument with home made gadgetry to create some quiet but dark music. The instruments don’t play chords and bizarrely we both play a little dulcimer on the side. We both lived in North East London and had completed the same Electronic Music degree, in not so sunny Hatfield, though not at the same time. It wasn’t until visual artist Dancon1 from the record label curated a beautiful event in the Vaults of the Foundry, also in Shoreditch, in July 2009, that we finally performed together live. The strange subterranean surroundings and visual displays, the respectful audience and the fact that my laptop was crashing every five minutes that night, seemed to spur us on creatively pushing the acoustic guitar and flute into territory that was uncharted as far as I was concerned. We developed this musical partnership over the summer, quietly jamming at my place on the peaceful surroundings a perpetually congested stretch of the North Circular Road. Katie introduced elements of gamelan composition into our pieces while I experimented with remixing our playing and adding found sound. By the end of the summer we had made a series of rules to follow and then came up with an EP for that paid little attention to any of them. We’d become able to simply improvise together and create music that neither of us would make individually, and that we were both pleased with, to say the least. One such take, with Katie playing flute and me playing sitar and laptop became the forthcoming release.
It’s fair to say that we avoid playing our instruments in the ways people might expect. Katie’s command and versatility are easily evidenced in her work with bands such as Owl Service but here she opts for delicate, slow flute while my sitar is still nowhere near Indian Classical music mainly due to my continued inability to play in that style. Turns out, twenty minutes is a good length for live organic duo sitar flute improvisations. You can go along way in that time, while the infinite traffic outside looks and sounds like it’s not moving at all."
(Songs featured from forthcoming Same Actor & Isnaj Dui
release and "The End Of The Garden" by Same Actor.
all songs copyright of the artists and 2009)

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