Video Art event at Novosibirsk State Art Museum
While living in Paris, Si Waller collaborated with film director and curator Kate Moyse to produce a short movie for the Temporary Identities video art event in Novosibirsk. Their work was first screened in Paris and then exhibited for a month at the State Art Museum by curators Andrey Martinov and Luca Curci. The work then traveled to Rotterdam to be exhibited at the Home Premier exhibition, by curators by Gil and Moti.

Brief film synopsis: 'To Be is To Fit' considers the relationship between the body and consumerism, exploring how the body becomes a product marketed by society. Playing on the idea that shoppers are spoon-fed happiness through the importance placed on material goods and surface aesthetics, the film creates a dark conflict in identity where the body is forever changing. The soundtrack samples directly from the locations where the film was shot. Using ambient sounds together with cold and detached voices issuing commands, the music provides a sinister interpretation of the repetitive nature of shopping.

Film by Kate Moyse
Music by Simon Waller

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