Art Damage Lodge is a space dedicated to presenting experimental and underground music in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This is a documentary about Art Damage Lodge as it was in late 2007. Featuring the minds responsible for the space, along with a three of the venue's regular performers: Wasteland Jazz Unit (w/ C. Spencer Yeh), Young Freebooters, & Pete Fosco.

Wasteland Jazz Unit & Pete Fosco have continued on their stellar path through life. Young Freebooters were all discovered to be swordfighting zombie pirates & were forced to behead themselves. Watch out, swords will fucking cut you.

When you're in Cincinnati, go to shows at Art Damage Lodge & listen to Art Damage Radio:

Wasteland Jazz Unit is:
Jon Lorenz & John Rich

Pete Fosco can be found:

Young Freebooters were a Fucking Badass:
Isaac Danzl
Jables Gully
Dana Kasten
Ryan O'Grady
Amanda Johnson
Adam Porter
Andrea Porter
Avia Porter
Jason Porter
Jeff Salter
Zachary Stuntebeck
Erin Wilson

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