Ode the credits to original composers Tore Johansson, Martin Gjerstad and talented Anouk Teeuwe. The piano playback is by Ralf van Meer off YouTube. You'd probably also recognise the ballet dancers.. No air. No pride.

Audio on SoundCloud: snd.sc/13qBjv7
Piano version transcribed by Jan van Meer: youtu.be/c1w7JvLuKnY
Official version of Birds: youtu.be/WMTggnBEtt4

Heard Anouk with the song day after it was performed on Eurovision Song Competition. Which makes it about 24 hours ago.. The hypnotic and ghostly semi-tone chord progressions somehow got me into a trance to do what you see here.

Ralf's original piano playback was played in free time which makes it a challenge to put it into synchronicity. His rendition is clear and beautiful. Wish I can play the piano just as well... To iron out the tempo map, I surgically took care of it in ProTools warp mode. Time shifting every transients to tempo may be stressy, but to a strange few, it puts them in a zen spot. I just couldn't sleep until I finish this one... And I thought I'd stop as and when I finish the music edit. I went over-board and looked for a scene fitting to go with the music in Final Cut. I wanted dead brides. But that'd be too sinister in thought itself. Plus you see the flight in the official version. The thought lingered around ballet dancers. In and out of tempo. Finesse was key.

I sure hope the Dutch wins it in the finals.. There is a certain aura to this composition. Negative, far from the dark side. Strong. So beautifully strong. You cannot avoid it.

This one was my flight. I'll take the fall...

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